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Every restoration project is unique, but few are as challenging or as large in scale as a loss in a multi-family structure.  It’s never just one unit or tenant that’s affected; most of the time several are involved.  Fire, smoke, and water all have a way of migrating and impacting large areas of the structure.  This requires a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage and a comprehensive effort to ensure that everything is dry and free from odor even when the loss was 5 floors up!

Van Rooy Restoration was born out of the multi-family industry, so we have a first hand understanding of the unique challenges you face as a property owner or manager.  Inconvenienced or displaced tenants along with loss of revenue are critical issues when a loss occurs.  Van Rooy Restoration recognizes the impact of these and other complicating factors and understands the importance of a quick initial response and the timely repair of your valuable asset.

View our projects link to see some of the work we’ve done to restore several multi-family buildings in Central Indiana.

This apartment complex project was located on the south side of Indianapolis.  The fire affected 12 total units; we rebuilt 8 apartments and restored the remaining 4. Below you’ll discover footage from the fire damage along with the results of us restoring the property.