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People whose properties have suffered damage need to be confident that their home or business will be restored to the highest standards and that they’ll be treated well throughout the process. That’s a longstanding tradition at Van Rooy Restoration.

For more than two decades, our family-owned restoration company has treated our clients like family members. We understand how stressful damage can be for homeowners and business owners, so our restoration professionals focus on listening to their concerns and helping them through every step of the process.

We are licensed, bonded and insured, with the knowledge and resources to handle any situation. Our restoration professionals deliver a level of service that’s rare in our industry, and they take pride in making sure our clients are 100 percent satisfied with the work they perform.


We know that when you refer a policyholder to our professionals, you’re placing a great deal of trust and confidence in us. That trust become an extension of your own professional reputation, which is something we take very seriously.

You’ll find that our client-focused approach delivers the same level of commitment you provide. We’ll do everything we can to ensure that your policyholder’s damage is addressed promptly, repaired correctly the first time, and that they are treated with respect and appreciation at every stage of the process. Our goal is to ensure your policyholders’ 100 percent satisfaction, so they continue to trust you, and so you in turn continue to trust us.